Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wing Dip By: Lindsey

If you like spicy stuff and a great appetizer than this is for you. But, I must warn you, this appetizer is not very pretty. Ha! Ashley and I don't love bringing it places because if someone hasn't had it they won't dive in because it looks kind of weird. Anyways, our family loves it, so we will make and leave it on the stove all afternoon just to snack on.

1 Jar of Blue Cheese Dressing (I use the jars you get in the section where you buy veggies and lettuce)
1 Regular size bottle of Franks Hotsauce
1 8 oz. block of cream cheese
1 chicken breast
1 bag or blue corn tortilla chips

Boil your chicken breast. Mix all other ingredients in a pot on the stove. Add shredded chicken to the ingredients. Heat up and dip away!! I, personally, think that blue corn tortilla chips are best with this dip. Hope you like it!