Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peanut Butter Balls By: Lindsey I am not sure if we already posted this recipe on here. And I should just look under "sweet treats" label...but instead I am going to just post it. Simply because if we did already post it once we need to refresh your memory because these are SO wonderful during the holidays. They are really yummy and a great treat to make to give to neighbors, kids teachers, friends, etc. This recipe makes a lot of peanut butter balls. And, a little tidbit. If you(like me) need to make a certain amount but this recipe makes more than enough you can freeze the leftover balls(but don't dip them in chocolate) and bring them back out when you need to bring a good dessert somewhere else. Just dip them in chocolate after they have thawed a bit. Merry Christmas Everyone!!

-2 sticks of soft margarine
-1 lb. of peanut butter
-2 lbs. of confectioners sugar
-3 tsp. of vanilla
-1 block of milk chocolate almond bark OR 12 oz of semi sweet choc. chips

Mix all the ingredients EXCEPT chocolate. Roll into balls(golf ball size). Then put in the freezer until firm. Melt almond bark or 12 oz semi sweet choc. chips and dip PB balls into chocolate. Put on wax paper and let harden.

*If you use semi sweet choc. chips you will want to add paraffin wax while melting it to help it coat the PB balls.*