Monday, February 22, 2010

Beans, Beans, they are good for your heart. :) By: Lindsey

So, maybe because we are from the South...I don't know...but the men of our family L-O-V-E beans. Any kind of bean will do. But they love them. And honestly, most of us women do to. I just started making beans for my hubby. My mother-in-law(the woman who sends me most of these yummy recipes on here) has introduced to me a new way and EASY way to make some good ole black eyed peas and lima bean mixture(or whatever kind of bean you would like). I made them tonight and my dad and husband absolutely loved them. My Dad said he would rather have those beans then the ones my Mom makes with a real ham hock. ha. That should tell you how good they are. Here ya is easy breezy.

1 bag of frozen lima beans(or baby lima beans)
1 bag of black eyed peas
1 can of green beans(optional)
3 packets of Goya Ham Seasoning(they come in a box)

Combine all beans together in a pot. Fill up the pot with water just covering the beans. Pour three packets of Goya Ham Seasoning in the pot. Stir and let it boil until beans are ready. You might want to add salt and you might have to add water if the water boils down. SO GOOD!